Carbon Agenda

CAD21 Carbon Agenda

With temperature records being broken across Europe and the rest of the world, it is clear we are in a Climate Emergency. 

The built environment is a significant contributor to our carbon footprint, so as responsible clients, architects, engineers and contractors we need to take a lead on genuinely sustainable solutions and drive innovative architectural and engineering design approaches to minimise energy use and carbon emissions, with the express ambition for all new construction to ultimately be zero carbon or carbon negative. 

The CAD21 Response

Following our ethos of achieving tangible, practical, optimum outcomes in all aspects of delivery, our bespoke decarbonisation approach incorporates established passive principals that contribute to a low or zero carbon solution whilst ensuring compliance with other critical project objectives.  

In achieving true low or zero energy impact buildings we must also meet all the functional requirements needed to perform without compromise to user experience, performance and safety.

Our proven, practical and detailed process will break down and target effort, providing a positive and sequential route to facilitate optimum carbon outcome without over-reliance on active technology without excessive use of costly technology to overcome shortfalls in effort to reduce building energy demand.

Get in touch to see how we help you as we have our other clients realise net zero schemes that do not necessarily increase MEP costs.


Whether large scale, small scale or somewhere in-between, we handle each and every project with the same level of care and respect


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